Why You Should Buy a High End Home Air Purifier

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Are you looking to buy an air purifier for your home? If you are, you will soon see that you have a number of different options. There are a number of brands to choose from, as well as a number of price ranges. One type of home purifier that you will want to examine is that of a high end air purifier. Did you know that there are a number of benefits to owning high end air purifiers? There are and a few of these reasons are highlighted below.

Better Brands

Most the makers of high end home air purifiers are well known. Since you do have a number of different options when looking to buy high end home air purifiers, you may be wondering how you can go about finding the best. You may find the best luck with doing research online, as it can be done quickly and easily. You can also get a number of good ideas, in terms of quality, yet affordable brands. To get started, perform a standard internet search with phrase such as “best air purifiers,” “top ten air purifiers,” or “high end air purifiers.”

Better Results

High end home air purifiers are known for producing better results. These results include cleaner air. Unfortunately, many individuals wonder how you can tell that an air purifier will produce better results. The good news is that you do have a number of different options. For starters, check ratings and reviews online. This can be done by visiting online stores that allow ratings or reviews or websites that are based solely on rating products. Both of these website types can be found with a standard internet search.

Another great and relatively easy way to tell if a high end air purifier can produce better results is by examining the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). This is the rate in which an air filter can deliver clean air. Most times, high end air filters and purifiers have high CADRs.

Last Longer

High end air purifiers are known for their strength and durability. This means that many are able to last longer, especially when compared to the cheaper alternatives. In fact, a large number of high end air purifiers come with warranties or you should have the option to purchase an extended warranty plan. This can help to give you comfort in knowing that you are purchasing an air purifier that will be able to keep your home’s air clean for years to come.

Come In a Number of Different Formats

All air purifiers, including those that are considered high end air purifiers come in a number of different formats. In addition to different makes and models, there are also different sizes. Another common difference or choice that many have involves filter or filter-free air purifiers. They both have their own pros and cons.

Filtered air purifiers are preferred by many buyers. One of the reasons for that is because they can actually see that the air is being cleaned. Many like to see the dirt, toxins, and other pollutants that have accumulated on their air filter. For many, this serves as proof that they did make the right purchase decision. As for filter-free air purifiers, they are convenient and they can help to save money overtime, even though they do cost more upfront.

They Are Easy to Find and Buy

The ease of buying air purifiers, including high end air purifiers for the home, are another reason why they should be purchased. High end air purifiers are available for sale both locally and online. Due to their increased cost, many discount stores and department stores do not sell high end home air purifiers, but most home improvement stores do. If you are looking for the largest selection of affordable, high end air purifiers, the internet should be examined. As previously stated, you can use the internet to compare prices. You can also use it to make your purchase as well.

Watch this short video for a good summary of a quality air purifier.

The Beauty of Artificial Turf in Your Garden

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The Problem with our Grass Lawn

A little over 18 months ago we were getting very frustrated with our garden. We don’t have a very large garden, but it does have a grassy area which in the summertime both myself and my wife, and three children enjoy greatly. About five years ago we purchased a dog, is a lovely good-natured and friendly dog, but during the long winter months he does tend to tear the grass in our garden to pieces. The result is that come spring a significant part of the grassy area in our garden is really nothing much more than a muddy track, giving us a good idea as to his route as he tears around the garden checking all the boundaries.

Such was the level of grassy ruin that we were encountering we calculated that for at least seven months of the year our garden was virtually unusable. This was a shame, and one which we definitely noticed as restricting.

In addition to the issues with the dog, the fact of the matter is that grass requires continual maintenance otherwise it begins in a very short space of time to look untidy, and patchy. It also grows relentlessly with the result that if you don’t cut it at least every two weeks during the summer months you can find yourself with a veritable jungle instead of a nice clean grassy surface which everybody enjoys spending time on.

Artificial Turf was the Solution

Solution to this was replacing the turfed area of our garden with a modern artificial turf. We were somewhat concerned about the quality that the turf would be and whether or not it would look like realtor when it was installed. In order to allay our fears we requested a significant number of samples of the different grasses available from most of the main artificial turf suppliers that we can source on the Internet.

When receiving these samples you do tend to get a variety of sizes. What you want is as large a piece as possible, what you get is often barely more than 20 centimetres square which is very difficult to make a judgement upon and certainly gives you no context of what it will look like when actually in position in your garden.

Notwithstanding these issues, we narrowed the search down to a local provider of artificial turfing, who were also able to install the turf. They did a site survey, and during that survey they were able to offer us sight of a much larger sample of the prospective grass that we were considering installing, which meant that we had a much better idea as to what it might look like when in place.

We went for a two tone type grass, which essentially is a combination of the traditional green grass look knitted together with a light her browned off version of the grass. This gives it a very realistic effect.

Installing your Artificial Grass

As with many things to do with the home the decision making process took so long that it was winter by the time we decided to go ahead and install the grass. This did not deter installers however, it was a long and arduous task removing the dirt from the backyard and replacing it with gravel. In fact the process is multi-levelled. First they remove approximately six inches of turf, then they replace it with gravel which they level off to the best of their ability the final layer then is grit which provides a very level surface upon which the artificial turf is laid. To say that the process of removing the turf and bringing in the gravel and grit is arduous would be an understatement it extremely hard work and the DIYers amongst you should take note that unless you’re prepared for a great deal of hard work then we suggest you reconsider and get somebody else to do it for you.

Once the grit has been levelled off it is whacked, with a powered whacker machine. The turf is then laid almost exactly the same way as that for carpets, except that at the edges is glued and pinned.

We Love our Grass Now

artificial grassThe end result however is absolutely brilliant. We have been delighted from the very first day with the quality and feel of the lawn now. The turf as a weed barrier installed below it which means that you no longer have to maintain the turf in anywhere near the amount of effort that goes into looking after real lawn, and yet it looks all through the year as though it’s an almost perfect example of a real lawn.

When it rains the water drains through the gravel away quickly and the surface becomes dry in very short time, often as little as half an hour which means that the children can quickly go out again and play on the grass despite the inclement weather. We would thoroughly recommend anybody considering installing artificial turf to take the plunge, we are sure that you won’t regret it.

Keep Yourself Warm This Winter With These Simple Tricks

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The winter is well and truly upon us, and although this year it has been an exceptionally mild start to the winter, it is likely that, New Year temperatures will drop sharply and we will be exposed to the full impact of the cold weather.

So, how does one manage to stay warm in your home when the cold weather starts to bite. There are a number of things that you can do in order to hold off the effects of the cold and we will go through them in this article now.

Young woman wearing pullover and capWear more layers – this is perhaps the simplest, cheapest and one of the most effective ways of staying warm when the temperature in your home falls sharply. The fact of the matter is that each layer of clothes that you wear traps cushion of air which is gradually warmed by the heat from your body and then stays providing installation for you no matter what the temperature in the house around you.

temporary draught proofingInsulation – this one requires an element of prior preparation, as much of the work will want to be done before the winter draws in. The work that would be required entails essentially making sure that the cold air from outside as no easy route into your home, and that the warm air inside is no easy route out. Perhaps the best way of doing this is to make sure there are no drafts underneath doors and between window panels. And these are relatively easy to fix with some adhesive insulation tape. More complex remedies would include double glazing windows, which can be expensive but can also be done relatively cheaply on a temporary basis. Insulating your attic area to make sure that there is as little as possible heat loss through the roof of your house. And other things more expensive still such as cavity wall insulation.

young smiling girl is sitting near oil heaterPurchasing a portable space heater – one of the problems of heating a home over the winter months is that although central heating may well do the trick, the use of it can become expensive if it is left on for any length of time. And if you are spending considerable amount of time in the home then clearly you are going to want to stay warm for all that time, which may mean that you have to run your central heating from many hours at a time. One great solution to overcome this is to purchase yourself a portable space heater (h/t which is a great way of providing localised heating, essentially heating in just the room that you are occupying. In a relatively quick and inexpensive manner.

There are many different space heaters on the market, and they are much more sophisticated than the traditional fan heater or propane heater of old. Indeed you can get some extremely energy-efficient space heaters nowadays that utilise thermostatic control and timer switch offs to make sure that you don’t continue to heat the room when it’s not in fact necessary.

Hopefully you can see from this article that there are a number of things that you can do in order to address the problems of cold temperatures when you’re at home, some of which are very inexpensive and easily accessible. If you found this article useful, please make a comment below and tell us what methods you use in order to heat your home during those winter months.

How to Solve Hard Water Problems

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hard water & mineral build up water treatment

The problem of hard waters can be solved by converting them to soft water, i.e. removing the calcium and Magnesium ions out of water to reach it to soft and acceptable water.

There are two basic methods of removing hardness from water:

1) The precipitation method

2)  Ion exchange, the zeolite method

In general, the precipitation method is less expensive, but there are situations where ion exchange is advantageous and less expensive.

Treatment Methods

There are several commercial ways to treat hard water including water softeners, water filters, electromagnetic water conditioners and reverse osmosis. Following we will look at several of the available methods to treat hard water.

There are two ways to control water hardness: use a packaged water softener (precipitating method) or use a mechanical water softening unit.

In the packaged water softener method we are using chemical materials to control water hardness. They are actually two categories: precipitating and non-precipitating

hard water & mineral build up water treatment

In the first category, precipitating water softeners, washing soda and borax participate. These two materials form an insoluble precipitate with calcium and magnesium ions which in turn are not able to interfere with cleaning efficiency but make the water cloudy and will build up on surfaces. This precipitating water softener increases the cleaning solution’s alkalinity and therefore may damage skin and the other materials being cleaned.

In the second category, non-precipitating water softeners use complex phosphates to separate calcium and magnesium ions. In this reaction no precipitate is formed and alkalinity is not increased.  If enough quantity, non-precipitating water softeners will be able to dissolve soap curd within a period of time.

Units of mechanical water softening (Ion exchange, or the zeolite method) can be permanently installed into the plumbing system in order to continuously remove calcium and magnesium.  Here, water softeners operate in the process of the ion exchange. In this process, water is passing through a media bed, which is a usually sulfonated polystyrene bead. They are supersaturated with sodium. As hard water passes through the softening material the ion exchange process takes place. The calcium and magnesium ions, the hardness minerals, attach themselves to the resin beads and at the same time sodium on the resin beads is released into the water. After the resin becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium, it must be recharged. The process of recharging is done by passing a sodium chloride (brine) solution through the resin. The sodium replaces the calcium and magnesium (by mechanism of ion exchange)  which are discharged in the waste water. We have to add sodium ion (salt) in hard water treatment with an ion exchange water softener.

Other commercial ways of treating hard waters are widely used today including water filters, electromagnetic water conditioners, and reverse osmosis.

This is a technical subject and there is a lot more on this if you want to read it over at Water Softener Authority.

You can follow some orders you can do at home to reduce the effects of hard water in your home, without doing any major changes:

glasses_largeChoosing the Correct Detergent

 These days there are washing powders and liquids available to deal with water hardness. You must be sure to pick up the right and suitable detergent for your area.

Reducing your Boiler’s Temperature

 By increasing temperature you will have more minerals deposit in your dish washer. So by reducing your boiler’s temperature to 55 degree Celsius you will have enough warm temperature to take shower while the deposits in in your tanks and pipes.


A Brief Guide to Ceiling Fan Installation

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ceiling fan


Ceiling fans are becoming more popular as more and more homeowners discover dramatic, year-round energy savings. In summer, ceiling fans create cooling breezes, which reduce the pressure on air conditioners. In winter, they circulate heated air to keep the room warm. What is often overlooked is how the fan’s housing will fit in with the rest of the design aesthetic in your space. Many ceiling fans come with a variety of finishes, so it is important to think carefully about all of the options, and choose according to your stylistic needs.

Considerations in installing Ceiling fan

Installing a ceiling fan is not mechanically difficult, and most fans come with good installation instructions; however, they are usually fairly heavy, so it’s a good idea to have a helper assist you. This is in contrast with say the installation of say, a saltfree water softener system that I wrote about previously.

Ceiling fans need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box that’s designed to hold a heavy fixture. It will not only hold the wiring, but also support the full weight of the fan. If you’re swapping a simple light fixture with a ceiling fan, the box will likely need to be replaced with one rated for a ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan you install should be the right size for the room

Consider proper clearance; Manufacturers generally require that fan blades be at least 7 ft. above the floor. Since most fan and motor assemblies are less than 12 in. high, they’ll fit under a standard 8-ft. ceiling with the proper clearance.

ceiling fanPreparation

Safety precautions

Getting started

Ceiling fans are installed and wired like ceiling fixtures. They always require heavy-duty bracing and electrical boxes rated for ceiling fans.

Most standard ceiling fans work with a wall switch functioning as master power for the unit. Pull chains attached to the unit control the fan and lights. In these installations, it’s fairly simple to replace an existing ceiling fixture with a fan and light.

If you will be installing a new circuit for the fan, use three-wire cable so both the light and the motor can be controlled by wall switches.

Because ceiling fans generally weigh more than ceiling lights and the motion of the blade creates more stress, it is very important that the ceiling box is securely mounted and is rated for ceiling fans. Ceiling boxes rated for ceiling fans are marked with the phrase “For ceiling fan support.” If your existing ceiling box is not fan-rated, replace it with one that is. And be sure to inspect the manner in which the box is mounted to make sure it is strong enough.

Installation varies from fan to fan, so be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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